Intellectual Property​ Services

Protecting your intellectual property is critical. The Hall Firm understands the value of your intellectual property and how to best protect your creative work. 

Trademark Law

Trademarks are vital assets for any company and should be adequately protected because of the long-term value they represent to your brand.  Effective Trademarks promote immediate customer recognition, create positive brand awareness, and help businesses differentiate their products in the eyes of consumers.


Trademark registration covers names, slogans, logos, short phrases and other similar identifiers that describe goods or services. In order to be eligible for trademark protection, the mark must serve to identify particular goods or services. The Hall Firm provides Trademark services to individuals and businesses, which include the following:


  • Consultation

  • Trademark Searches

  • Strength of Mark Analysis

  • Trademark Selection and Clearance

  • Trademark Registration and Filings

  • Concurrent Use Agreements

  • Responding to Office Actions

  • Drafting Cease and Desist Letters

Copyright law protects original works of authorship including musical, dramatic, literary, and artistic works, such as movies, songs, poetry, photographs, drawings, paintings, novels, and computer software.

The Hall Firm provides an array of Copyright services to our clients which include the following:


  • Determining Whether a Work is Copyrightable

  • Copyright Registration and Filings

  • Legal Evaluation of "Substantially Similar" Works

  • Drafting Cease and Desist Letters

  • Copyright Enforcement

  • Recordation of Copyright Assignments

  • Licensing and Distribution Agreements

  • Copyright Termination

  • Negotiation for the Right to Use Prior Copyrighted Work


Copyright Law

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